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Singapore Stands Out In 4 Key Areas

Many people around the world exploring the idea of a trip to Southeast Asia are looking for a few things in particular. They tend to want great food, beautiful scenery, and a chance to relax. Going further, some are looking… Continue Reading →

Norwegian Air Long Haul Flight Review For Budget Travellers!

Just wanted to quickly jot down a couple of thoughts on our last flight, in case anyone was wondering about booking and flying with Norwegian Air from Asia to Europe! Do it. It was freaking awesome, no joke. We were… Continue Reading →

Tips for a Long Haul Flight; What To Take, and What To Do!

Currently flying from Bangkok to Stockholm right now, and this non-stop 12 hour journey can either be a drainer, or pretty comfy. Hopefully we survive this long-haul flight! I’ve put together a quick list of essentials that can either make… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Island Life….

So long story short, we have now left Koh Tao. The place where we made our lives for the past 5 years; made a home, created life-long friendships (cheesy but true, especially when you work, drink, eat, even sometimes live… Continue Reading →

The Essential Item to Pack for Backpacking SE Asia

I’m baaaack! I know it’s been radio silence for a long time on this travel blog, but that’s because Lionel and I haven’t been traveling. We’ve been settled on Koh Tao now for a while, and this month was actually… Continue Reading →

Koh Tao Festival 2016 Toilets. What to Expect.

Koh Tao Festival is upon us again!  It happens every year, and is a two day event run by the Save Koh Tao organisation, and the local Koh Taoian community. This year it falls on the 18th and 19th of… Continue Reading →

Hard Day at Work

When you make a bubble ring off your fiance's head. #uwproblems #diving #islandlyf A photo posted by emma.o (@elko.em) on Mar 15, 2016 at 4:57am PDT


Awesome new work shirts designed by the ever so talented Lionel Kobi. #getsome #gettingsome #gotsome @saireecottagediving #kohtao A photo posted by emma.o (@elko.em) on Mar 13, 2016 at 10:17pm PDT Stop thinking about it, and do it. Get Some. Get… Continue Reading →

A Plastic World

We were having lunch in Amed, #Bali when we noticed this kid singing and yelling, trying to entertain himself from outside his family's shop. During our travels around #SEAsia I loved checking out these little #cornershops where locals would buy… Continue Reading →

Not Missing Home Yet (even after 3 years)

Not gonna lie, but as we near our three year mark of leaving Melbourne, I still have to say; I don’t miss it much. Honestly, there isn’t much to miss. With advanced technology and the so-so internet speed on the… Continue Reading →

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