'She Can't Swim',  A Day in the Life

365 Days Later

We left Melbourne one year ago today! Booyah!

To be honest, before we left we had only taken out a six month travel insurance plan. We’ve had to extend it month by month since!

We’ve been very lucky that we are still in a position to travel for a bit longer and that’s thanks to having a tight-arse budget. It’s been harder since moving to Koh Tao since everything here is about double the mainland prices, but previously we were very good about paying on average about $12 USD a night for accommodation, and limiting our meals to just the minimum eg. Noodle soups for breakfast, noodle soups for lunch and noodle soups for dinner.

It’s been worth it though because we’ve then been able to spend longer traveling, seeing different places, and meeting interesting people. Our best memories are of hiring a motorbike and riding from village to village, and this is a very cheap way of traveling, and the most exciting!

And who would’ve thunk I’d be diving in open water everyday! This time last year I was afraid to have the shower spray on my face, I was terrified to jump into water, and I could not swim. Now I love the water AND I can doggy paddle my way around a boat!

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