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A Day In Vientiane

We are “stuck” in Vientiane (the world’s second most exciting capital city) for a few days, while we wait for our Thai visas. The timing we chose is a bit less than ideal. Usually the passport with visa can be collected the following day, however we applied on a Friday so we have to wait until Monday. So far, we have enjoyed some great food, Indian and Italian at slightly above budget cost.

Today we tried to hire a motorbike to explore the surrounds, which proved a little more difficult than usual. They would not hand over the keys to a bike that barely works without a passport. Both of ours are sitting at the Thai embassy. Luckily, Emma had her second passport and the girl at the shop would finally fill out our “contract” to get a bike for the day.

The aim was to ride to the LBC (Lao Brewery Company) headquarters, responsible for brewing South-East Asia’s liquid gold. Since Google Maps in this area was probably last updated about 15 years ago, we took a wrong turn and the super extended scenic route through local Vientiane suburban life. This was a happy accident as we saw much of what we would otherwise never see along a road with more potholes than even ground.

We finally made it to the brewery. By chance we happened to be there during one of the three weekly visiting times. Too bad that the HR department was out celebrating or as the receptionist put it in a “meeting”, so no one could take us on the tour. After some strife, we managed to enjoy two bottles of Lao Gold. Ahhhh delightful! Since the bar girls just packed up and left, they turned out to be free as well. Then we were a bit too late to also visit Cope museum and decided to do that tomorrow.

Before Dinner we rode out along the river to watch the sunset at literally the end of the road. We spoke to the local family there and watched them play in the evening sun. A wonderful day of random adventures.

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