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A Plastic World

We were having lunch in Amed, #Bali when we noticed this kid singing and yelling, trying to entertain himself from outside his family's shop. During our travels around #SEAsia I loved checking out these little #cornershops where locals would buy everything from 3-in-1 coffee satchets to toiletries and enemas (don't ask me how I know)! Unfortunately, everything is packaged in tiny wrappings of multicoloured plastic which is then discarded and thrown onto the ground. As a diver we see the effects of the everyday plastic which gets washed into the ocean, literally choking the marine life and the coral. This won't get broken down for thousands of years and may even get into the food that we consume. Please try to limit your consumption of plastic, and look for alternative packaging! #rantover #ecowarrior #eco #saynotoplastic #environment #travel #people #future #imnotahippy #photodaily #picoftheday

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