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A Silly Calf and the Mother Who Tried to Kill Us

Passed a herd of cows resting on the road from 4,000 islands along the Mekong. In the confusion a calf thought our motorbike was its mum and started running alongside us. Next thing I know a giant cow is chasing us, mooing and huffing and galloping.

Lionel thought it was hilarious and was trying to pat the baby calf while keeping the bike balanced at 5kms an hour. I was swearing and yelling, ‘The mother is coming for us, GO, GO, GO!!’ I was bugging out cowering, waiting for a giant cow to rear end us. Finally we took off and the baby cow kept chasing us, struggling to keep up! At the same time, its mother was trying to catch up to the calf and both are running full speed after us!

A Songthaew then passed us in the opposite direction and it had to break suddenly to stop from hitting the cow and the baby. The baby seemed to jump past the truck but the cow had to back up. From a distance I think I saw the calf reuniting with its real mother. I think…

I hope…

Dodging cows on the road can be tricky
Dodging cows on the road can be tricky

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