A Day in the Life,  Europe


Just a little, quick, tiny, minute, update to let you know what we are currently up to. And boy, it’s a wowzer!

We left Koh Tao a three weeks ago to come to Europe for a few weeks to visit Lionel’s family in Switzerland and my family in the UK.  The lack of updates is due to catching up with family, catching up with deliciously, heavy food, and sheer laziness.

It is ridiculously freezing, and while we’ve had a few ‘sunny’ days – it is nothing like Thailand! (Though it is currently monsoon season over there so we left at a good time!) We are constantly cold here, wrapped up in jumpers, coats, and scarves, and our feet feel constricted by this weird thing called shoes. We are also confused, angry, and terrified by the lack of ‘bum-guns’ in European bathrooms. (We have to use toilet paper? Whaaaat?)

It is good however, to catch up with family members that we hadn’t seen since the last time we came to Europe, three years ago. It’s also a good opportunity for us to celebrate Lionel’s 30TH, THIRTIETH, THREE-ZERO, with his family in December!

Getting our minds around how ridiculously expensive everything is compared to South East Asia is horrifying though. No more meals for 25 baht (80 AUD CENTS!), no more Singha beers for 50 baht, and no more accommodation for as little as $3 a night!

It’s different alright, different but good.


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