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Angkor Reach Guesthouse – Phnom Penh

We ended up in Phnom Penh three times as all roads lead there and we had to go past to make it from South of Cambodia, back to North and then out of the country – via a bus to Vietnam.

We first stayed at The Fancy Guesthouse where we paid $16 per night for a clean, but windowless room.

When we stopped over for one night in Phnom Penh for the second time we decided we didn’t want to pay this much considering it was literally a stop over – 8 hour bus to get there and then the following morning another 8 hour bus.

We visited a couple of guesthouses but they all quoted around $15 – $20. Finally we found a small, rundown little place that quoted $8 a night. Angkor Reach Guesthouse, near the Sorya Mall, the Central Market, and most importantly, the Bus Station.

Angkor Reach Guesthouse

It is very basic, fan only. But we slept quite well. We were given a room on the top floor so noise from the streets was limited. Cleanliness was so-so, but as we only planned to stay one night it was fine. They provided soap, towels, and a used comb.

There was also a television in the room, with several English speaking channels and really fast Internet – though the connection did struggle on our second visit.

Angkor Reach Guesthouse room

The second time we stayed there, a few nights later, when we traveled from Mondulkiri to Vietnam, they gave us a room with a huge balcony. From there we could see the bustle of a typical street in Phnom Penh. It was also where we left our ridiculously smelly clothes and shoes to air out after stuffing them into our bags after our wet jungle trek.

All in all, good value for $8 and as a stop over place to sleep and shower.

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