Pre-Travel,  Singapore

April 9th! Time to Start Traveling South East Asia

Emma about to go on HolidaySo today’s the day the adventure begins!

1st stop is Singapore for a family, luxury holiday.  Mum’s taking Dad to his birth country for his 60th birthday.  Little does he know that Lionel, my two younger sisters (plus one bf), and myself will be already in Singapore to surprise him at the airport!

For the past few months, we’ve all been avoiding Dad so as not to spoil the surprise – believe me, it’s difficult; we keep chatting about things we’ll do in Singapore, things we’ll eat in Singapore, things we’ll drink in Singapore etc. and then realising Dad is in the room and then changing the sentence to ‘oh, when we go to Singapore, one day, maybe in a few years, oh, maybe never, oh, wait, Dad, you’re from Singapore?’

So Lionel is currently on the plane to Singapore (we decided to fly separately – actually, he bought the ticket separately from us and by then ticket prices had gone up!), and I’ll fly with my sisters later this afternoon.

Can’t wait to have two weeks with the family and extended family, hanging by the THREE pools at the apartment, eating Singapore noodles, chilli crabs, and drinking Singapore slings.  AND then the real backpacking will begin…



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