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Australian Open in Thailand

Roasted Mosquito
Mosquitos are a big problem anywhere in South-East Asia and unfortunately Koh Tao is no different. Dengue fever is very common on the island, so the aim of the game is not to get stung at all. This is a tough mission however as they are everywhere and use our bathroom as a breeding ground. I don’t hate many things, but mosquitoes I do hate. Usually you don’t feel them on you until it’s already too late and when you slap yourself to kill it, you also get a nice patch of your own and worse someone else’s blood on you. We were losing the fight until we armed ourselves with a rechargeable racket, complete with torch and a button that if held down and swung at a mosquito, electrocutes them with a loud zap and bright blue spark! It’s like fireworks when you strike a swarm and only the smell of charred mozzies afterwards. Best of all it cost 150baht! So in the spirit of the Australian Open, we’ve been jumping around the room in surprisingly creative poses, killing hundreds. This is probably the present we will bring back for everyone at home because it is quite possibly the best thing in the world.

Mosquito Racket

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