A Day in the Life,  Malaysia

Beach to Mountains

Today we say goodbye to the island paradise and will move to central Malaysia to the Cameron Highlands.

There are not a lot of buses going from Kuala Besut to the Cameron Highlands, only four companies, all mini buses. The cheapest one is 55RM per person and you need to change buses at lunch time. These drivers are a bit crazy. Their overtaking is hair raising and they are constantly texting too. The second guy was falling asleep with both eyes closed for several seconds at a time for half the trip!

We decided to stay at Orchid Lodge for 90RM per night. Eawasin our host welcomed us thoroughly! He works at the hotel next door and this is his own business. His enthusiasm is infectious and he offered us a cooking class to which we agreed. No need to pay, we just had to buy the ingredients.

He welcomed us into his home where he had lined the floor with newspaper for us to cook on. We met a very nice French couple with whom we shared this evening. We all peeled some vegetables while Eawasin washed them in the bathroom. Then he told us where we should go next and what we should do. The fish curry with rice, salad and omelette this evening produced was as delicious as the evening was charming and enlightening!

Cooking traditional fish curry with Eawasin, Audrey and Bastien.
Cooking traditional fish curry with Eawasin, Audrey and Bastien.

Then we wanted wifi and he told us that in each corner of the guest house we can use a different code – the code of the surrounding hotels. He said in Malaysia you can do anything behind someone’s back but it is difficult to do it honestly and explained it like so – if an Elephant is behind you, you may not notice but a tiny mosquito in front you will try to kill right away.

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