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Accommodation Reviews

Should I Book Accommodation Ahead?

Should I Book Accommodation In Advance? No – often you can negotiate a cheaper price when you are face to face wth the owners. No – you can see what the room is actually like before you pay. How clean,… Continue Reading →

Tavee Guesthouse – Bangkok, Thailand

Price 500 baht What A clean large double room, shared bathroom with warmish water, fan only, bottle of cold water on arrival, bars of soap, toilet paper, strong wifi in room Where Behind the National Library, Sri-Ayutthaya Rd, Soi 14… Continue Reading →

Holiday Inn Express Review – Bangkok, Thailand

Price 2,970.41 baht What A clean double room, air-conditioning, Western bathroom, hot shower, cable TV, kettle/coffee/tea in the room, two bottles of drinking water everyday, buffet breakfast from 6-10am. Cool view of Bangkok, especially in the evening. Where Near Siam… Continue Reading →

Soutchai Travel Agency Guesthouse – Pakse, Laos

Price 40,000 kip fan room 60,000 kip air-conditioning What A basic double room, shared bathroom, hot shower, wifi in room, small balcony Where View Nangnoi & Soutchai Guesthouses – Pakse in a larger map Comments A surprisingly nice room for… Continue Reading →

Nangnoi Guesthouse – Pakse, Laos

Cost 70,000 kip (LAK) What Clean fan room, en-suite bathroom, hot shower, wifi in room, double bed, balcony Where View Nangnoi & Soutchai Guesthouses – Pakse in a larger map Comment Run by a Laotian couple with their two children,… Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Sleeper Coffin – Part II

After our last horrendous experience on a ‘sleeper bus’ (where a bus is converted into a room with top and bottom bunks) we swore we would never experience it again. But we were forced to take one up from Dong… Continue Reading →

Angkor Reach Guesthouse – Phnom Penh

We ended up in Phnom Penh three times as all roads lead there and we had to go past to make it from South of Cambodia, back to North and then out of the country – via a bus to… Continue Reading →

Kampot Accommodation

Once all of the Westerners in the squished up mini-van were dropped off in Kampot – coincidentally infront of a commissioned guesthouse, we set about trying to find some sort of accommodation. The information centre had no maps, and no… Continue Reading →

Palm Beach Bungalow Resort at Koh Rong

We decided to stay at Palm Beach Bungalow Resort on Koh Rong. Palm Beach is different to other accommodation on the island as it’s actually on the other side of the island, instead of within the rowdy Touch Village side… Continue Reading →

Review – Golden Butterfly Villa

Seven days later, and we’re still in Siem Reap. In ALL due part to our amazing accommodation at Golden Butterfly Villa. As the sister company to the Golden Temple Villa down the road, Butterfly already had an established name, and… Continue Reading →

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