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Songkran! An Epic Waterfight on Koh Tao

What is Songkran you ask? I asked the very same question and got two answers from various people regarding the 13th of April. 1. It’s the Thai New Year according to the Buddhist calendar. 2. It’s the one day a… Continue Reading →

COPE Rehabilitation Centre – Vientiane, Laos

Cost Free A tuk-tuk will cost about 50,000 kip each way from the centre of the city. We hired a motorbike for 24 hours for 60,000 kip and rode to COPE. What A FREE museum where you can learn about… Continue Reading →

Off The Grid In Northern Thailand

There’s a reason why the blog has been quiet. We have been heading further north from Chiang Mai after saying goodbye to our friends Scott and Sarah. It is a very special little world up here. Sometimes we go days… Continue Reading →

1864 Corners In North-West Thailand

The Mae Hong Son loop in north-west Thailand is known for its many bends. It is claimed there are 1864 of them. In Mae Hong Son itself there is a shop dedicated to 1864 branded souvenirs! I didn’t count them,… Continue Reading →

Mae Sa Valley Loop – Take One

After our 10 day motorbike adventure in Mae Hong Son, we returned to Chiang Mai yesterday. We still had our bike today and decided to do the 100km Mae Sa Valley loop, before we return our trusty Honda Dream. This… Continue Reading →

A Three Day Trek; Water Bombs, Leeches & LaoLao Whiskey

So we booked a three day trek with Jewel Travel Laos to trek around Nong Khiaw starting from Ban (Village) Houy Khong, through Ban Vieg Hinh and Ban Payong and down to the river where we would catch a boat… Continue Reading →

Motorbiking the Ma Pi Leng Pass From Dong Van To Meo Vac

Another very delayed post about a very special part of our journey. A short ride from Dong Van is where the road known as the Ma Pi Leng pass begins. It is arguably the most scenic route in Vietnam. I… Continue Reading →

On the Ma Pi Leng Pass (between Dong Van and Meo Vac)

Interacting with the local kids on their way home from school.

25 Days in Hanoi

We’ve spent 25 days in Hanoi, Vietnam and what have we done during this time? We had some delicious coffee with condensed milk. We ate some fried tofu with noodles. We drank some more coffee. We watched a movie at… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things To Do In Cambodia

In the order that I remember them. 1. Get a Blind Massage This is definitely an experience. No pampering, no fuss, just exactly what it says on the sign. A massage by a blind masseur. 60 minutes for $5. A… Continue Reading →

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