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How to Do Street Food in South East Asia

Most times there will be a language barrier but this shouldn’t stop you from trying food carts. At first, we would move cautiously up to the food cart, looking at each other, whispering ‘do you think it’s safe to eat?… Continue Reading →

One Month in Cambodia – Photo Gallery

We have put together a travel photo gallery of our favourite photos from Cambodia. They are unedited photos and a collection of our impressions and memories. Please enjoy! TWOGREENBACKPACKS.COM/CAMBODIA

Top 10 Things To Do In Cambodia

In the order that I remember them. 1. Get a Blind Massage This is definitely an experience. No pampering, no fuss, just exactly what it says on the sign. A massage by a blind masseur. 60 minutes for $5. A… Continue Reading →

The Motivation to Blog…

… Has all but disappeared. We have much to catch up on. We went on a trek with an elephant, a leech sucked my blood, we got involved in elephant politics, I accidentally let a baby drop on its head,… Continue Reading →

Don’t be That Guy (or Girl) to order Crab and then Complain

Don’t be this girl. She ordered a Crab dish at the Crab Market, in a Crab Restaurant (literally called ‘The Crab Kitchen’). When the dish came she complained and asked for the staff to take out all of the meat… Continue Reading →

The Ever Present Issue Of Money

The elephant trek was largely a great experience, despite me constantly wondering if I’m yet again funding the extinction of a species. Mr. Tree had convinced us to get a guide for an additional US$20. He was supposed to speak… Continue Reading →

Leaving Cambodia!

The Rich, The Poor And The Confused

Playing candy crush in an air conditioned bus on a ferry, eating a chocolate croissant while two hungry children knock on the window pointing at our food is not a situation I expected to be in and I didn’t like… Continue Reading →

Elephant Politics In Mondulkiri

Hellbent on visiting the Elephant Valley Project, we ended up deciding against it and opted for a local elephant trek. We were met with very passionate anti-EVP opinions and stories by the locals and even after the trek with the… Continue Reading →

Children in Cambodia

Just a quick note that these are the opinions of myself, of what I’ve seen and heard from talking to locals, expats and fellow travellers. I won’t pretend to clearly know everything about the situation of children in Cambodia as… Continue Reading →

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