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Hard Day at Work

When you make a bubble ring off your fiance's head. #uwproblems #diving #islandlyf A photo posted by emma.o (@elko.em) on Mar 15, 2016 at 4:57am PDT

The Diving on Koh Tao

Here’s a look at the diving from 2015 on Koh Tao with Sairee Cottage Diving. Filmed, and edited by yours truly! Enjoy! F***, I love my life.

Whoop, whoop.

We are officially Open Water Scuba Instructors!

Bali & Nusa Lembongan – Motorbiking & Diving

We are the worst people…

…at blogging. But that’s because we’re having too much fun diving! I’m making no apologies right now. We did set up this blog to inform our family and friends of what we’re up to, and where we are, and it… Continue Reading →

UPDATE: Still Diving…

… Still loving it.

Money Matters in South East Asia

Money is obviously important everywhere and anywhere, but especially when you’re moving from one place to another, and changing currencies. Here are a few things we discovered about money as we traveled.

Koh Tao – Don’t Not Come and The Day We Saved A Turtle

Just wanted to post an update re: current murderous situation on Koh Tao. We are fine. Yes, it was pretty close to us, but considering it happened on the longest, busiest stretch of beach on Koh Tao where the majority… Continue Reading →

This Is What We Do – A Diving Video

Here’s an underwater video I shot for Sairee Cottage. Lionel is side-mount diving with a colleague. Side-mount diving is diving with two tanks either side. That’s double the air, and potentially double the dive time. You look cooler (very important… Continue Reading →

Turtle at Lham Tien

I’ve finally discovered how to get screen shots from the footage I shoot, so here’s some from this morning’s dive. I had finished my safety stop, surfaced, and was heading back to the boat when someone yelled, ‘turtle!’ Of course… Continue Reading →

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