Don’t Be This Guy! – At A Cinema

Went to Samui to extend our visa. Turns out it was ‘Big Buddha Day,’ a Thai public holiday which meant the immigration office was closed. Ended up having to spend a night on Samui where we ate terribly overpriced meals, bought pillows at Tesco Lotus, and watched ‘Chappie’ at the cinemas. Great movie, great pillows,…

Excuses To Not Travel

We come across a lot of people who after hearing that we just decided to pack up and leave home to travel South East Asia, tell us that they wish they could do it. I then give them a list of reasons of why they should do it, and they then give me a list…

Don’t be this selfish git!

Don’t stretch out and hog a whole bench on the 2.5 hr ferry ride. It was a packed ferry and a few people, Lionel and I included, ended up sitting on little plastic stools that we placed in between the benches. Some people are so polite. Not. And he wasn’t even sleeping!

Don’t Be These Knob Shiners – Play Your Music Elsewhere

Dudes. It’s 7am. Remember how we all got off the overnight buses from Bangkok at 5am? Remember how there were bus loads of half asleep people waiting at the Chumphon pier in the dark? Trying to sleep on anything they could find; benches, deck chairs, the floor? Remember how we just got on the Lomprayah…

How To Use A Butt Spray (Bum Gun) in SE Asia

After eight months in South-East Asia it was inevitable that we would end up using that weird hose sitting behind the toilet in every public and private bathroom. Initially, I didn’t fully grasp the concept of spraying your butt hole, rather than wiping the butt hole (I blame my parents and Western society for leading…

Another Freak Accident – To Burn or Not to Burn

Another injury to add to my travels unfortunately… Lionel and I were on the beach last night with some friends. We had a beer (literally one beer and one whiskey/coke) and watched the fire show. Lionel and Nathan, another DMT, went to have a closer look and a bit of the rope hit them.

Don’t Be This Stingy, Smart Arsed Teenage Boy.

When we saw a teenager carrying this around the 7-Eleven, we pissed ourselves laughing. I had to get a photo of this smart-arse trying to cheat the system. Unfortunately for him, it collapsed near the register where everyone had to step through some very sticky coke slurpee. Don’t do it. Seems like a good idea…

Some Grossness to Start your Morning

QUESTION: Why do some men grow their little finger’s nail to ridiculously long proportions? ANSWER: To pick their nose, ear and whatever else takes their fancy. Gross.

Bus Troubles

A family of Italians claimed our water bottle as theirs today on the bus. Then they drank from it, or mauled the bottle more like. We didn’t know what to do, should we have claimed it back? Did we even want it back? Then we were really thirsty.