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Norwegian Air Long Haul Flight Review For Budget Travellers!

Just wanted to quickly jot down a couple of thoughts on our last flight, in case anyone was wondering about booking and flying with Norwegian Air from Asia to Europe! Do it. It was freaking awesome, no joke. We were… Continue Reading →

Tips for a Long Haul Flight; What To Take, and What To Do!

Currently flying from Bangkok to Stockholm right now, and this non-stop 12 hour journey can either be a drainer, or pretty comfy. Hopefully we survive this long-haul flight! I’ve put together a quick list of essentials that can either make… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Island Life….

So long story short, we have now left Koh Tao. The place where we made our lives for the past 5 years; made a home, created life-long friendships (cheesy but true, especially when you work, drink, eat, even sometimes live… Continue Reading →


Just a little, quick, tiny, minute, update to let you know what we are currently up to. And boy, it’s a wowzer! We left Koh Tao a three weeks ago to come to Europe for a few weeks to visit… Continue Reading →

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