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Goodbye Island Life….

So long story short, we have now left Koh Tao. The place where we made our lives for the past 5 years; made a home, created life-long friendships (cheesy but true, especially when you work, drink, eat, even sometimes live… Continue Reading →

Food in Nusa Lembongan

#food in #Indo #nusalembongan #visarun A photo posted by emma.o (@elko.em) on Sep 11, 2015 at 12:56am PDT

How to Do Street Food in South East Asia

Most times there will be a language barrier but this shouldn’t stop you from trying food carts. At first, we would move cautiously up to the food cart, looking at each other, whispering ‘do you think it’s safe to eat?… Continue Reading →

Wok to Cook in a Wok – Cooking Dinner On An Island

We have a small electric wok that smells slightly of burning plastic. We also have one chopping board, one knife between the two of us, and some cheap cutlery. With some fresh ingredients from the local grocery store, a shop… Continue Reading →

Things We Do In Bangkok

24 hours in Bangkok to re-new Lionel’s new passport.

With Our Spirit Foods

This pretty much sums us up. Lionel with a healthy yogurt for breakfast, and me with a deep fried chicken leg. Two in fact.

Cooking? Now I’m Homesick

The biggest thing I miss from home? Cooking. I was a cooking show fiend back in Australia. I devoured Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules, Iron Chef, Heston’s shows, Nigella shows, Top Chef, and of course, all of those shows that concentrated… Continue Reading →

Tesco Feast – Not Another Noodle Soup

For a while now we have been unexcited to try yet another variation of noodle soup and have been craving some real Western food. The options in places like Phayao are very limited and if there are options, they are… Continue Reading →

Food, Glorious Food, (and the Not So Glorious) in Thailand

This post is for my sister, the foodie and chef. She likes food. “A Woman and her Curries” Most locals seem to buy their food from the markets, and carry them in little plastic bags that hang off their motobike… Continue Reading →

25 Days in Hanoi

We’ve spent 25 days in Hanoi, Vietnam and what have we done during this time? We had some delicious coffee with condensed milk. We ate some fried tofu with noodles. We drank some more coffee. We watched a movie at… Continue Reading →

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