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How to Do Street Food in South East Asia

Most times there will be a language barrier but this shouldn’t stop you from trying food carts. At first, we would move cautiously up to the food cart, looking at each other, whispering ‘do you think it’s safe to eat?… Continue Reading →

15 Photos from 27 days in Northern Laos

The first trip through Laos started in the northern town of Muang Khua, then took us down the Nam Ou river to Nong Khiaw, through the capital Vientiane and ended with the Thakhek motorbike loop in central Laos. Below is… Continue Reading →

Laotian Toilets

Laotian toilets are everywhere. In the bush, behind that tree, outside that building. I was first introduced to a Laotian toilet when we were at the border from Vietnam to Laos. We were at the Laos checkpoint, stamping into the… Continue Reading →

Soutchai Travel Agency Guesthouse – Pakse, Laos

Price 40,000 kip fan room 60,000 kip air-conditioning What A basic double room, shared bathroom, hot shower, wifi in room, small balcony Where View Nangnoi & Soutchai Guesthouses – Pakse in a larger map Comments A surprisingly nice room for… Continue Reading →

Nangnoi Guesthouse – Pakse, Laos

Cost 70,000 kip (LAK) What Clean fan room, en-suite bathroom, hot shower, wifi in room, double bed, balcony Where View Nangnoi & Soutchai Guesthouses – Pakse in a larger map Comment Run by a Laotian couple with their two children,… Continue Reading →

A Silly Calf and the Mother Who Tried to Kill Us

Passed a herd of cows resting on the road from 4,000 islands along the Mekong. In the confusion a calf thought our motorbike was its mum and started running alongside us. Next thing I know a giant cow is chasing… Continue Reading →

The Day I Killed A Goat

We were riding from Sekhong to Attapeu in Southern Laos, when I saw this. It was so funny that I had to get Lionel to stop the bike. I then tried to save the goat with a tin can on… Continue Reading →

Pakse: First Impressions

Pakse is supposedly the fourth largest city of Laos. That’s not saying much considering Vientiane is so sleepy that you barely remember it’s a capital city. It is located 670km away from Vientiane and is nestled along the Sedon River… Continue Reading →

BeerLao Company Factory Tour – Is It Worth It?

Cost 40,000 kip per person Is It Worth It? No You get to watch a basic corporate video in their private air-conditioned cinema. The video details the history, investor stats, what awards the beer has achieved, and future plans for… Continue Reading →

Bangkok to Vientiane by Night Train

We decided to go from Bangkok to Vientiane using the night train which would leave at 8pm, arriving in Nong Khai at 7.30am. You can’t actually buy a direct ticket from Bangers to Vientiane, so you’ll need to go through… Continue Reading →

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