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The Essential Item to Pack for Backpacking SE Asia

I’m baaaack! I know it’s been radio silence for a long time on this travel blog, but that’s because Lionel and I haven’t been traveling. We’ve been settled on Koh Tao now for a while, and this month was actually… Continue Reading →

Money Matters in South East Asia

Money is obviously important everywhere and anywhere, but especially when you’re moving from one place to another, and changing currencies. Here are a few things we discovered about money as we traveled.

Should I Book Accommodation Ahead?

Should I Book Accommodation In Advance? No – often you can negotiate a cheaper price when you are face to face wth the owners. No – you can see what the room is actually like before you pay. How clean,… Continue Reading →

Old Woman

Image Size Management

For the first few months of our blog, we used to upload images in their native size, which is 4K. This is rather insane and I have now decided that it is not something we want to do for several… Continue Reading →

Six Months is Up! Yikes!

Just renewed our travel insurance with World Nomads. Can’t believe we are only two days away from the end of our original 6 month cover! It seems so long ago that we were reading up about different travel policies and… Continue Reading →

Data Management – Photo Backup While Traveling

When we set off on our several months long trip to south-east Asia, I always expected us to take A LOT of photos. I had heard horror stories of people that lose or have their SD cards stolen during the… Continue Reading →

Regrouping in Ho Chi Minh City

Off the Beaten Track, my arse!

We like to think we’re non-tourists. That we’re getting off the beaten track, but no way Jose. There’s complaints about the hot weather, the need for air-conditioned shopping centres, the constant hunger for the big brand, fast food joints. And… Continue Reading →

Got me some Travel Pants

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