You know you’re back in Thailand when..

…There’s a bin of used tissues next to the toilet. I forgot that some countries have workable plumbing so that the toilet paper can actually be flushed down the toilet! This is rare in Thailand (and Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia) where you need to use the toilet paper and then put it into the bin so…

Singaporean Toilets

This is a blog post about toilets. I will be writing about them after each country. Be prepared to be riveted beyond belief. Singapore Was pleasantly surprised. As a kid who suffered from food poisoning every time she even looked at food in Singapore (we went every two years or so as my dad is…

Singapore to Malaysia

So being the cheapos that we are, we decided to take a bus from Singapore to Malaysia. Actually there were several reasons we didn’t want to take a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. 1. We want to see the scenery of the country, instead of just flying in and out of major cities. 2….

We will always have Singapore

The reason for the slightly dramatic title is that we both did not really want to leave this place. Singapore is very charming and welcoming and we felt really at home here after just two weeks. Getting around in the MRT is very easy, safe and efficient, not to mention cheap. We felt safe the…

Singapore Zoo

So even though we had purchased our zoo tickets the week before (bundled with our Bird Park ticket), we nearly came close to throwing away or giving away the tickets as we figured we didn’t have much time left in Singapore, and a zoo is a zoo right? Wrong. Singapore Zoo is amazing. I had…

Food in Singapore

Not going to lie, we’ve had some different food here. Mostly at family dinners. For big parties, celebrations, weddings, etc. there’s usually karaoke involved. During the actual dinner! Must be weirder for Lionel to experience these dinners. At least I’ve been to some traditional Chinese dinners in the past and kinda knew what to expect….

Little India in Singapore

Headed to Little India with Lionel, and my sister’s bf, Sam. My lazy sisters decided to go back to the apartment to nap after a long day of shopping (ha!). After checking out the Main Street, passing a pretty cool Hindu Temple, noticing there were great bargains to be had (Sam bought some sunnies for…

Bugis market

Very packed and busy local market. Tried some of Sam’s Durian pancake – don’t like it. The weird shop owner girl just started to fold Emma’s sleeve up, then after they had purchased some tops and we walked further down the hall, she came out of nowhere to tickle Lisa. No idea why.

Mos burger

Finally some GL (gweilo – stands for ghost / white ghost) food! We were all pretty excited to try this Japanese burger franchise. I had the chilli wagu combo. Very tasty and a welcome change for S$10.