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The Essential Item to Pack for Backpacking SE Asia

I’m baaaack! I know it’s been radio silence for a long time on this travel blog, but that’s because Lionel and I haven’t been traveling. We’ve been settled on Koh Tao now for a while, and this month was actually… Continue Reading →

Koh Tao Festival 2016 Toilets. What to Expect.

Koh Tao Festival is upon us again!  It happens every year, and is a two day event run by the Save Koh Tao organisation, and the local Koh Taoian community. This year it falls on the 18th and 19th of… Continue Reading →

You know you’re back in Thailand when..

…There’s a bin of used tissues next to the toilet. I forgot that some countries have workable plumbing so that the toilet paper can actually be flushed down the toilet! This is rare in Thailand (and Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia) where… Continue Reading →

Laotian Toilets

Laotian toilets are everywhere. In the bush, behind that tree, outside that building. I was first introduced to a Laotian toilet when we were at the border from Vietnam to Laos. We were at the Laos checkpoint, stamping into the… Continue Reading →

How To Use A Butt Spray (Bum Gun) in SE Asia

After eight months in South-East Asia it was inevitable that we would end up using that weird hose sitting behind the toilet in every public and private bathroom. Initially, I didn’t fully grasp the concept of spraying your butt hole,… Continue Reading →

Malaysian Toilets

Malaysia Lots of squat toilets but I had prepared for this by practicing at some Singaporean bathrooms. I was extremely perplexed the first few days as the cubicles usually consisted of a squat toilet, a hose, a bucket, and NO… Continue Reading →

Singaporean Toilets

This is a blog post about toilets. I will be writing about them after each country. Be prepared to be riveted beyond belief. Singapore Was pleasantly surprised. As a kid who suffered from food poisoning every time she even looked… Continue Reading →

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