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Tips for a Long Haul Flight; What To Take, and What To Do!

Currently flying from Bangkok to Stockholm right now, and this non-stop 12 hour journey can either be a drainer, or pretty comfy. Hopefully we survive this long-haul flight! I’ve put together a quick list of essentials that can either make… Continue Reading →

How to Do Street Food in South East Asia

Most times there will be a language barrier but this shouldn’t stop you from trying food carts. At first, we would move cautiously up to the food cart, looking at each other, whispering ‘do you think it’s safe to eat?… Continue Reading →

Money Matters in South East Asia

Money is obviously important everywhere and anywhere, but especially when you’re moving from one place to another, and changing currencies. Here are a few things we discovered about money as we traveled.

Songkran! An Epic Waterfight on Koh Tao

What is Songkran you ask? I asked the very same question and got two answers from various people regarding the 13th of April. 1. It’s the Thai New Year according to the Buddhist calendar. 2. It’s the one day a… Continue Reading →

How To Use A Butt Spray (Bum Gun) in SE Asia

After eight months in South-East Asia it was inevitable that we would end up using that weird hose sitting behind the toilet in every public and private bathroom. Initially, I didn’t fully grasp the concept of spraying your butt hole,… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things To Do In Cambodia

In the order that I remember them. 1. Get a Blind Massage This is definitely an experience. No pampering, no fuss, just exactly what it says on the sign. A massage by a blind masseur. 60 minutes for $5. A… Continue Reading →

Ho Chi Minh’s Body

Today we went to see Vietnam’s most famed deceased person, Mr. Ho Chi Minh. Yes, deceased. Dead. Ho Chi Minh, more affectionately known as Uncle Ho, is the man who is famed for unifying Vietnam and fighting the Japanese, the… Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Sleeper Coffin – Part II

After our last horrendous experience on a ‘sleeper bus’ (where a bus is converted into a room with top and bottom bunks) we swore we would never experience it again. But we were forced to take one up from Dong… Continue Reading →

Malaysia Travel Guide

I’m not paid by National Geographic, so don’t expect a comprehensive guide which you can use to plan your next 6 week holiday in Malaysia. These are merely my thoughts based on my experiences here in Malaysia. Things to see… Continue Reading →

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