How to Do Street Food in South East Asia

Most times there will be a language barrier but this shouldn’t stop you from trying food carts. At first, we would move cautiously up to the food cart, looking at each other, whispering ‘do you think it’s safe to eat? What is that?’ and then point to something asking ‘how much?’ If you do ask…

Two Months in Vietnam – Photo Gallery

It is hard to express the intensity, emotion and colour of Vietnam in photos alone.  Here is a selection of some of our experiences from the claustrophobic cities to the remote countryside of Vietnam. Enjoy! Lionel & Emma TWOGREENBACKPACKS.COM/VIETNAM

Sapa, Vietnam to Laos – Getting Scammed at the Border

Left Sapa on an overnight sleeper bus heading to Dien Bien Phu. Luckily we had bumped into an Aussie couple at a hotel where we were exchanging money who were doing the same trip so we stuck together. After a few cheeky lies from our hotel guy (he claimed he was 18, had three children…

Bus Troubles

A family of Italians claimed our water bottle as theirs today on the bus. Then they drank from it, or mauled the bottle more like. We didn’t know what to do, should we have claimed it back? Did we even want it back? Then we were really thirsty.

First Impression Of Sa Pa

This picture sums up our first impression of Sa Pa pretty well. Later Emma found some kids that would interact with her without a fee.

Motorbiking the Ma Pi Leng Pass From Dong Van To Meo Vac

Another very delayed post about a very special part of our journey. A short ride from Dong Van is where the road known as the Ma Pi Leng pass begins. It is arguably the most scenic route in Vietnam. I was very excited to ride it. The sun was out and around the last corner…

The Ride From Dong Van To Lung Cu, Ha Giang Province

We arrived in Dong Van at 10am after a 5 hour bumpy local bus ride from Ha Giang province. Dong Van is small and sleepy. We had a very good and incredibly strong coffee and some lunch before we met up with Ha and her friend for the ride to Lung Cu, the northern most…