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Food in Singapore

Not going to lie, we’ve had some different food here. Mostly at family dinners. For big parties, celebrations, weddings, etc. there’s usually karaoke involved. During the actual dinner!

Must be weirder for Lionel to experience these dinners. At least I’ve been to some traditional Chinese dinners in the past and kinda knew what to expect. (Pretty much just copy what everyone else is doing and always let the elder people eat first, and always try everything – mostly so you don’t offend the host!)

Sweet bread filled with lotus paste… Possibly
Suckling Pig - complete with a fried tongue!
Suckling Pig – complete with a fried tongue!
Jelly - no idea what flavour... Possibly tea?
Jelly – no idea what flavour… Possibly tea?


Hawker Centres on the other hand are pretty amazing. Cheap and quick, just the way I like it. We’ve had 2 x Chilli Crabs for $64 SGD, laksas for $4 SGD, cane sugar drinks for $1.50 SGD and more. It’s absolutely cray-cray! Just can’t wait to get to Malaysia where there’s supposedly similar food but at a fraction of the Singaporean cost!

@ Newton Hawker Centre
@ Newton Hawker Centre

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