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Dive Gear Packages: More Christmas Presents to Myself!

Treat yo’self to a dive gear packages! For Christmas this year, apart from paying for my PADI Dive Master training, I got myself some new scuba diving equipment. Because why not?

  • My Aqualung rashie, perfect for the warm waters of Thailand.
  • My Aqualung Shot FX fins. They come in purple and white, but I love the grey and white. These fins are designed for females so they’re a bit shorter (easier to fin in), and have a slightly smaller foot pocket. I find every other fin, the pocket is too wide so my foot slides around in it.
  • My Aqualung Ego booties. Super soft neoprene that goes up the ankle. 5mm too, so my feet don’t get too cold!
  • My red dive equipment bag. It’s not a huge bag, but it’s big enough to hold the essentials, bcd, fins, etc. I like it cos it’s super lightweight.
  • My Compass. So I don’t get lost on my next dive at Twins!

I swear I’m not a rep for Aqualung! I’m just so excited for my goodies, and can’t wait to try them out on the next dive!! Also, slightly can’t believe I have invested this much into some dive equipment that I don’t know how long I will actually use for. Either way, I’m gonna be so comfortable and stylish in my dive gear packages. Even if I still can’t get my trim on!



    • lionel

      No problem Matt, glad you’re enjoying our blog! We got your request and we’ll write a post addressing living and DMT costs in the next few days.

    • emma

      Hey! We didn’t go with the whole DM package cos we already had our OW, and Advanced from a few months ago. We just paid for the DMT and the specialities you need.

      We also decided against buying the BCD and regs as the shop lets you use theirs during your DMT. We just had to buy fins, mask, snorkel, bag, a surface marker and a compass to start. Hope this helps!

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