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Finally, off the tourist trail

To get around Penang and see the island, we decided to hire some motorbikes / scooters. The first guy, sent us away after we didn’t immediately agree to his price so we went to find the mysterious Happy Ken. We were told he roams around a few cafes and the streets. We saw a few bikes with a “Happy Happy” sign. When we found him, he was quite a character.

A short while later we had two scooters for 25RM plus 50RM refundable deposit each with no paperwork at all. I hesitated a bit getting on as this would be my first time and we were heading straight into Malaysian traffic. He was hurrying us along “Don’t call me if you have an accident.”

After an hour of stressing and extreme concentration, I started to really love riding this thing and we rode around the northern half of Penang to the spice garden and the national park.

On the way back I could sense Emma was getting a bit nervous as we were riding home in the rain during rush hour.

Best day yet.

Production shot
Production shot


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