From Johorror Bahru to Melaka

We left Johor and the empty ghost hostel after chatting to a nice Malaysian fellow who gave us some tips and took a 2.5 hour bus to Melaka (Malacca).

Take a taxi to Larkin bus terminal for about RM7. Ignore all the offers for tickets you get and walk straight to the Causeway Express counter and buy your ticket for RM17. Bus leaves from bay B33. Pay RM0.30 to pee before you get on. Then 2.5 hours, a sore butt and endless palm tree plantations later we got to Malacca Sentral. Again ignore all offers after the bus driver kicks you off. Then we walked to the local bus terminal and boarded bus 17, there were a few other reality-avoiders (backpackers). Fare was RM1.30.

We needed to get to the Red Dutch Square. So when we saw a bunch of red tiles, Dutch looking buildings, a Dutch flag, we thought this surly isn’t it.

As soon as the bus left we realised it definitely is. Got off at the next stop and had some Burger King and then walked through the historic part of town to our place of rest.

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