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Go to the Cinemas in Ho Chi Minh – Check!


Went for a walk along the riverside before we got rained out. Wearing our ridiculous ponchos we wandered into the Bitexco Financial Building, the highest building in Ho Chi Minh City at 262 meters. It provided shelter from the rain, air-conditioning from the humidity and when we stumbled upon the cinema inside, we were so excited!

Ended up watching Brad Pitt’s World War Z which was very entertaining. I found that Vietnamese audiences are pretty loud; they talk a lot during the film, phones were ringing constantly and they were really responsive, someone yelled ‘ooo, shit’ loudly when a zombie popped up.

Prices were cheap too. As it was a Monday, there was a deal going so we paid 60,000 dong each for the movie – $3 AUD! Usually the price is about 80,000 dong which is still so cheap compared to prices at home – closer to $20. Ergh!

We’ve also decided that to ‘treat ourselves’ (I know it’s a ridiculous concept considering we are traveling and technically not working very hard) we are going to try to go to the cinema once a month or so. We enjoyed going to a local cinema, watching a movie and losing ourselves in the film. It almost felt like we were back at home, watching a movie at Crown.

But at a fraction of the cost.

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