A Day in the Life,  Thailand

How We Entertain Ourselves on Rainy Days in Phayao, Thailand

We’ve spent the last few days in Phayao, mostly rained in so no riding around. No Internet in the hotel either and only one English speaking channel on TV – the Japanese channel.

Had to entertain ourselves…

Pizza Delivery Girl.

Lionel found Bumblebee.

The supermarket is a great source of entertainment. We found Supaporn Vitamins!

20131020-115204.jpgLiterally ice-cold beer.

20131020-115220.jpgMonk figurines.

Inprove your nipples and firm your bust?

Anyone up for Durian ice-cream?

Ladyboys at Tescos…

20131020-115352.jpgSteering wheel handbags. For men.

20131020-115731.jpgLionel pulled over on the bike and accidentally stepped in mud. It was hilarious.

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