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Koh Tao – Don’t Not Come and The Day We Saved A Turtle

Just wanted to post an update re: current murderous situation on Koh Tao. We are fine. Yes, it was pretty close to us, but considering it happened on the longest, busiest stretch of beach on Koh Tao where the majority of locals, foreign locals, and tourists stay, everything is in close proximity. Especially on an island about 21 km².

It’s a horrid situation, but not believed to be a random attack which makes us feel better. For now, business is as usual.

On the upside, this morning I was filming a diving video for a few fun divers and we stumbled across a turtle that had its’ fin stuck in a net. It was struggling to get out. We ended up moving some coral and the net, and it was able to free itself. I untangled the net from the coral branch and took it back to the surface to throw away. A few seconds after it was free, the turtle went up to the surface to take a breath. And this is why I dive!


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