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Mae Sa Valley Loop – Take One

After our 10 day motorbike adventure in Mae Hong Son, we returned to Chiang Mai yesterday. We still had our bike today and decided to do the 100km Mae Sa Valley loop, before we return our trusty Honda Dream. This is apparently one of the most picturesque 100km you can ride in northern Thailand.

So, after an early breakfast, we set off. Unfortunately for us, the weather had other ideas. It was raining the entire time and it got quite cold. That meant that the stunning views of the valley were lost on us. It didn’t help that both our ponchos have been ripped to shreds over the past weeks and only partially still classify as rain protective gear. We stopped at a cafe trying to wait out the rain playing cards. It got slightly better, but eventually we were starved out and had to ride back in the rain. For the very last section of the loop on highway 108 – finally – we were in the dry.

Roads 1096 and 1269 of the loop itself are quite good and really enjoyable to ride. There aren’t too many pot holes and not much traffic. Depending on how we feel upon our return, we might do the valley loop again in hopefully better weather.


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