A Day in the Life

Major Dilemma

So two of our fellow DMT’s will be leaving soon. They offered to give us their apartment when they leave since they know we have a cockroach problem at our place. Here’s the dilemma.

Their place is in a new apartment block, has a small balcony, air conditioning, a big, clean, bright bathroom and a huge arse flat screen TV. However there’s only one English Channel; National Geographic Wild. I love this channel so it’s all good.


Our place is a ground floor bungalow, a lot older, has air-conditioning, and the bathroom is dark, dank, and depressing. We have a hundred mosquitoes that visit at dusk, and we have cockroaches that roam around at night. One even ran across Lionel’s hair the other night as we slept! We have a small, old school television BUT we have about 15 English channels. Channels that saved me during my three week recovery period from the burning accident. We also have a big fridge for cold beers, cool water, and our block of butter!

So that’s the dilemma. Am I that keen on TV shows that we’re willing to live with increasingly daring cockroaches that climb into our bed, or would we rather a nice, new, comfortable room with a nice bathroom but without classic TV shows such as ‘Please Marry My Boy,’ ‘Top Chef,’ ‘Four Weddings,’ ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘Desperate Housewives of New York City,’ ‘The Hungry Sailors,’ ‘Nigella,’ ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ etc.

What should we doooo?


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