Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish

… I know the Melbourne CBD is littered with trash every Friday and Saturday night but at least they go home. Here in Thailand and Malaysia, we’ve seen it all over the beach, in the middle of the ocean, and watched people throwing coke cans, food containers out of a moving train!

It also seems like everything you buy (a can of coke or a corn cob on a stick) is placed in a clear plastic slip, and then placed into a plastic bag! I know it’s probably so that riders can hang their purchased goods off their motorbike handles, but it’s pretty extreme.

It’s worse still when you see tanned tourists on the beach stubbing out their cigarettes and leaving the butts, their water/beer bottles, chip packets in the sand around them. You can literally pinpoint where people have been sunbathing -long after they’ve gone- by the amount of rubbish in a circle on the sand.


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