Salt Fields Kampot
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Salt Fields Kampot. Another Little Gem In The South Of Cambodia.

On our search out to find secret lake in Kampot, we ended up stopping by at the salt fields Kampot. This is what I love most about Cambodia. There are so many things to see here. With the freedom of a motorbike it is very easy to explore these hidden secrets of Cambodia.

The Salt Fields Kampot

As you might expect, there is not a big surprise at this sight! We drove up the little dirt road, already covered in the road dust from the day. Once we made it over the little hill, the salt fields revealed themselves. The best part was the serenity of the scene.

We rode around a little to take in the sight.

To get closer to the fields you need to drive through some very narrow paths. However, they are quite accessible if you travel by motorbike. You need to be careful here. Slipping into the salt field might not be the best outcome of visiting here.

Salt Fields Outside Kampot Cambodia

We went at the end of our day. Therefore the sun was lower in the sky creating a stunning scene. This made for some nice photographs. The sky’s colours reflecting in the fields. An excellent end to an already adventurous day.

Technically these are referred to as salt evaporation ponds, which are often only slightly modified from their natural versions. Often fields like this provide a great resting and feeding ground for many different species of waterbirds

The separating mounds between the fields are actually known as levees. I did not know that. Traveling is all about learning and experiencing new things!

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