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So Far, So Good

Just need to mention how incredibly gracious the people of Cambodia (or Siem Reap, as we’ve only been here so far) have been. Everyone is friendly and has a smile on their face, even when you don’t accept their offer of a ‘Sir, Tuk-Tuk!!’

Our Tuk Tuk driver to the Angkor temples was also very nice, polite, and always had a smile on his face. He would stop the tuk-tuk, come over to us and tell us exactly where he was going next. He also made sure we were seated and ready to go before he took off.

So far, we’ve been so pleased with the service, and friendliness of the Cambodians we’ve met. Considering how much this country has gone through (we visited the War Museum yesterday which was a sobering experience), the people are some of the smile-iest, friendliest, and funniest people ever.

Definitely come to Cambodia; it’s so welcoming. As our hotel receptionist said to Lionel, ‘My Country, Your Beer.’


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