Selling Furniture via Email!

Sold lots this week. We’ve had success selling things on gumtree but the most successful avenue is probably word of mouth!

Mid-week, two days before my last day at work, I decided to send an all-staffer email to over 300 people with a plea to ‘buy our stuff’ with the desperate subject line of ‘Selling My Life.’ I was a bit apprehensive at first as I didn’t want to be that annoying person spamming the whole office but thought, desperate times call for desperate measures. And it worked! Within a minute of sending the email out I was inundated with people requesting the fridge, the dryer, the couch, the coffee machine, the DVD player, my beloved bike and more!

One person even gave me an extra $20 on a $5 item if I would deliver it to her place. (And yes, I’m so desperate for cash and to sell our stuff that I took her up her offer!)

It was great, would definitely recommend sending all-staff emails out. People are always needing things. It also means you can rest easy knowing that your colleague has a part of you forever. Ha.

Also sold our washing machine to a past traveler who is now working at a supplier’s post- production facility. She had overheard me telling a colleague about my travels and has since given me some amazing travel tips and bought our washing machine! Just had a bit of trouble getting it into the car!

Upside down washing machine cruising down Bay St.
Upside down washing machine cruising down Bay St.


  • CiaraG

    Am I a past traveler…!? That makes me sad. The washing machine made me happy though, after a month of not having one! đŸ™‚

    • emma

      Haha, not so much a past traveler, but someone who has done some traveling in the past (with more to come I’m sure)! I wasn’t sure what to call you; colleague, supplier, gumtree customer, acquaintance/friend? x

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