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Soutchai Travel Agency Guesthouse – Pakse, Laos

40,000 kip fan room
60,000 kip air-conditioning

A basic double room, shared bathroom, hot shower, wifi in room, small balcony


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A surprisingly nice room for 40,000 kip. Dark wooden paneling with a large bed. Very stuffy during the day but was pleasant with the fan switched on during the night.

Downstairs is a travel agency managed by one daughter who speaks English.

There were two bathrooms downstairs inside, and a few squat toilets outside where they also have some poorly located ‘bungalows’ for 50,000 kip. Bathrooms were not the cleanest, but usable, and I believe these were the family bathrooms too.

Didn’t get soap or bedding, so we used our own.

I managed to get us locked out in the morning as I had forgotten to take the key to the room while we showered and surprisingly the family did not have a second key to the room! Instead they pointed to the roof above their garage and pretty much told Lionel he would have to climb up there and break through the window to our room! Which he did.

Considering how easy (but dangerous) this was, we were disappointed with how easy it would be for someone else to break into our room – via the very flimsy balcony door.

Good for a stopover and one night. Very cheap and fairly comfortable.

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