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Tesco Feast – Not Another Noodle Soup

For a while now we have been unexcited to try yet another variation of noodle soup and have been craving some real Western food. The options in places like Phayao are very limited and if there are options, they are usually way overpriced and not very good at all.

Laying on the bed hungry, we decided that we had completely run out of appetite for noodle soups, mystery meats, coconut flavoured stuff, salty deserts, durian ice cream, sweet bread, MSG, pork floss, Mekong river crab, chilli, pickled cabbage, unrefridgerated meats, rice, soy sauce, fish sauce, mystery sauce, things we just don’t recognise, cinnamon beef stock… and we came up with the dream that there might be a Tesco Lotus in the area and went to ask the receptionist.

She spoke zero English. However, Emma appeared to have a whole conversation with her, but when I asked her if she knew where to go, she said no. Desperation still made us get on our bike and ride in a direction while entertaining the fantasy of eating something we would know what it tasted like before we tasted it. Mmmmm.

After a 10 minute ride we saw the sign. We were so ecstatic. We explored all aisles right after we got a little distracted by a lady boy birthday performance. With glee on our faces, we filled our basket with tuna, crackers, peas, cheese, Oreo ice cream, ham, sardines and croissants. On the way out they were cutting and sharing a gigantic cake. It was almost as good as Christmas. What is a cheap meal back home however, cost as much as almost 6 of those noodle soup dishes for both of us!! It was so worth it though.

We truly enjoyed our feast while watching The Voice America on the English channel.


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