'She Can't Swim',  Diving,  Thailand

The ‘She Can’t Swim’ Chronicles: Day 2

Went to Sairee Cottage to pay a deposit to start the course. We get 100 dives as part of our Dive Masters Training (DMT) and we need to complete a First Aid course, and a Search & Rescue course before starting the DM. The DM course should take about two months, and this will mostly consist of assisting other Dive Masters and Instructors on their dives.

The First Aid Course (EFR – Emergency First Aid Response) is one afternoon of theory on land. The Search & Rescue course will take place in the water where you will have to handle an emergency situation and rescue someone. Everyone we’ve spoken to says that this is the most fun and exciting course. Me? I say this will be a major challenge and doesn’t sound enjoyable at all.

I also sneakily asked about their refund policy which Neil kept telling me I wouldn’t need.

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