• Marion et Carlos

    Hi Emma, hi Lionel ! Nice pictures ! I was looking for some goods tips for a tour in North Vietnam and I found your blog. We would like to travel 8 days going through the following places: Hanoi – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Ma Pi Len Pass – Bao Lake – Cao Bang (Ban Gioc Waterfalls) – BaBe Lake – Hanoi.
    We are thinking about having a private driver because it seems impossible to do it by ourselves but I see now with your pictures that you may have done a part of it.
    Could you please give more details about these days (how many days and your budget) you spent in the North and some tips?

    One more question (because you did both): if you had to choose between SAPA region and Ha Giang – Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng, what would you choose? (We won’t have time to do both).

    Thanks in advance and keep on enjoyng your trip 😀

    Marion and Carlos

    • emma

      Hi guys, sorry for the delayed reply! We would always choose Ha-Giang over Sapa as it’s a lot quieter and mostly untouched by tourists. I reckon you would get a more ‘authentic’ look at rural Northern Vietnamese life going on the Ma Pi Leng route, rather than with the minibuses that pack out the Sapa region. The reason for this is because Sapa is so easily accessible by train from Hanoi, whereas Ha Giang is a lot harder to organise by yourself. To see how long we spent in this region, check out our itinerary page! Have you also checked out our blog posts about Ha-Giang and Dong Van? You can read about the Ma Pi Leng Pass here and the Journey from Dong Van to Lung Cu here! Good Luck!!

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