Umbilical cord Port Melbourne CUT

Lionel in Port MelbourneToday we, finished up in Port Melbourne. We sold the last random shelves last night, scrubbed the place and the steam cleaning was done this morning. Now we have no car, no house (living with Emma’s parents for now, thank you!) and little belongings on us, it is starting to feel mighty real.

Port Melbourne was a great suburb to nest in. I will particularly miss:

– The continuous free cold meat “samples” from the deli girl at Thomas Dux
– The friendly faces from Noisette, and even some free pastry from Rai
– Our favorite cafe, Third Wave and it’s amazing food
– 2-1 meals at the local
– Coles is a 2 minute walk away
– Balderdash coffee
– Raving at the Exchange
– The beach so, so close

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