After a few days resting in Bangers and by resting we mean hanging at Siam Square for four days straight, relishing in the air conditioning of the shopping centers, watching Thor 2 at a 4D cinema, and eating fast food, we are ready to move on. Mainly because Thailand will kick us out of the country in two days when our visa expires.

So we have decided to head back to Laos for two weeks in order to renew our Thai tourist visa (we’ll explain why soon!! It’s exciting!). As Lionel is a Swiss citizen and for some reason the Swiss can enter Laos without a visa for two weeks, we will just need to pay for my visa $30 US. Since we’ll have paid for the visa we will make the most of it and explore Southern Laos, something we missed out on last time.

Lionel’s currently checking out motorbike routes and as it will be one of our last ‘traveling’ destinations for the time being (again, we’ll explain it properly soon) we’re super excited to make it a good one!


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