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We are the worst people…

…at blogging. But that’s because we’re having too much fun diving!

I’m making no apologies right now. We did set up this blog to inform our family and friends of what we’re up to, and where we are, and it also grew to become a blog that hopefully helped people with planning their trip around South East Asia.

(Un)Fortunately, the reason we’re so slack with blogging is because we are really enjoying life right now. It is awesome. Everyday we jump into the water, and we see some pretty interesting stuff. We move around in a 3D space, blowing bubbles, and we live on a tropical island. I film brand new divers who are experiencing the underwater world for the first time (it sounds corny, but it is pretty awe-inspiring to see people take their first few breaths of compressed air), and Lionel is a head DiveMaster who knows where everything lives underwater, and is a gun at running the logistics on the boat and on land.

For the time being, please enjoy this video that I shot last week. I was super excited cos I’ve never, ever seen these before, and it’s amazing when you ‘discover’ something new. When I say excited, I mean I nearly lost my shiz.


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