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What to Pack for A Backpacking Trip to Thailand! All the Basics You Need.

So as you can see from the image, this is what not to take on a trip to Thailand during monsoon; a ripped up to shreds poncho.

But luckily for you, now that we’ve traveled for a while, I now know what to pack for a backpacking trip to Thailand. Enjoy, and let me know if I should add anything else!

What to Pack for a Backpacking Trip to Thailand!

  • Underwear/socks – the usual
  • A few t-shirts that can be dressed down or up (you never know if you get invited to a fancy dinner!)
  • Definitely shorts
  • Long pants – riding for hours means sunburnt knees, but also sometimes it can get cooler at night. Especially in the mountain areas up north.
  • Swimwear.
  • A sarong or scarf. In some religious temples, you might need to cover up your legs or shoulders. But also, some beds can be super gross, and I like to lay down a clean sarong first.
  • Definitely a proper rain jacket. You know those Goretex, North Face cool looking jackets.
  • Phone/charger/maybe a laptop etc.
  • Toiletries; but keep it light. A solid shampoo bar, a menstrual cup for the ladies (check out my review here), sunscreen etc. If you’re missing anything you can always buy it in Thailand. Easier than carrying all that stuff through the airport.
  • Medication; again, you don’t need to go overboard with this. Just the basics, maybe pain relief pills, some bandaids, birth control pills, anti-malaria pills if you’re going remote. But there are pharmacies in Thailand, obvs the big cities will have more choice for stuff, so bear that in mind before going jungle trekking.

Do I Need Anything Else?

You might be asking yourself what to pack for a backpacking trip to Thailand, but if you use the above as a starting point, you will totally be fine.

Try to pack as light as you can as this will mean you will be more mobile. Especially for transportation purposes. Going through an airport with a light backpack means no waiting or paying for baggage. Getting on a bus means not hitting the local with your 60L backpack when you turn around. And getting on one of those motorbike taxis with a smaller load makes your life and your driver’s life way easier!

Remember, anything extra you find you need on your trip can be purchased in Thailand. Bangkok especially is probably better stocked than your local shop!!

Let me know in the comments below what else I should add or remove from this packing list for Thailand! Hopefully, it’s been useful for you!

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