• Jeff Beard

    Man oh man what an accomplishment for the two of you! While not a diver like you or your Father, I was multi-certified as a lifeguard for both pool and beach (many, many, many years ago), and I have a bit of an idea – just a tiny bit – of how hard this must have been and what a great accomplishment it is! My hat is off to you both and my heartiest congratulations! I look forward to seeing great things from you both. I know your Father is very proud.

  • Bruno

    Glad to be the first that congratulates to you both. Very well done. As a diver too, I can well judge how hard the past weeks and days must have been. Now we are ready to explore the world’s most fascinating
    places together and to hopefully solve some sad, man made environmental disasters –
    Proud to finally have you on board.

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